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Faculty Collaborative Research Projects

Florida International University and Miami Dade College invited faculty members, librarians, students, and museum curators at both institutions to propose collaborative research projects in the humanities. Grantees were encouraged to speak to the urgency of diversifying scholarship in the humanities through pedagogical innovation and cross-institutional collaboration. Each project included faculty and students from both institutions.

Grants were awarded to projects with considerable reach and impact, especially as it related to the core values of the grant including valuing and leveraging diversity to deepen and broaden scholarship in the humanities, sharpening the caliber of our humanities programs and crystalizing the humanities value proposition – in education, scholarship, advanced-degree attainment, and employment outcomes.

2021-22 Collaborative Research Projects

  • Flying Solo: Ethics + the Activist-Artist

    Professor Darrell Arnold, MDC Department of Arts and Philosophy, along with two MDC students, led the audience through a thought-provoking journey debating art and ethics and other challenging questions in a pre-performance forum and Q&A featuring guest panelists Chire Regans and Marianne Lamonaca. 

    The forum was followed by the performance of “Flying Solo with Artist X.” Through the shared lens of drama, music, poetry, and dance, “Flying Solo” examined the life and work of Xavier Cortada. Written and directed by Phillip M. Church, Associate Professor, FIU Theatre, the performance brought together FIU alumni and students in a tribute to one of Miami’s most compelling activist artists.