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Pedagogy, Platforms, and Praxis

Curated by History faculty Dan Royles and Librarian Molly Castro

The Humanities Edge Program invited full-time FIU Humanities faculty to apply to present in our Digital Humanities Faculty Development Seminar.

The seminar was held at Florida International University on Monday, February 3, 2020 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The theme was "Digital Humanities: Pedagogy, Platforms, and Praxis."

The digital turn in humanities scholarship offers us new ways to answer old questions about the human experience, along with the opportunity to help students grapple with their place in a world where the boundaries between human and digital are increasingly blurred. In light of these possibilities, we invite faculty to submit presentation proposals (approximately 300 words) describing their own digital humanities projects or ongoing work using digital humanities tools or methods.

Digital humanities work may encompass research, teaching, or both, and encompass a wide range of computing and web tools, including (but not limited to) digital maps, online archives and exhibits, wikis and collaborative writing/annotation, data analysis and visualization (including text analysis and network analysis), and 3D modeling.

Proposals answered the following questions:

  • What key humanities questions or concerns does the project/work engage?
  • Which digital tools or methods does your project/work use and what do those specific methods or tools contribute?
  • If applicable, how has your project/work benefited from collaboration or the interdisciplinary approaches intrinsic to digital humanities?
  • What advice would you have for someone undertaking a similar project or endeavor?

From the submitted proposals, 10 faculty fellows were chosen to present at the seminar. Each fellow delivered a 10-minute, three-slide presentation.

Winning Proposals