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The Humanities Edge program helps college students in the humanities attain a bachelor’s degree in the humanities by supporting their transition from Miami Dade College to Florida International University. And that’s only the beginning. 

Your journey starts at Miami Dade College

The Humanities Edge offers students the support of academic advisors, faculty, and writing mentors; opportunities for paid internships, research fellowships, and conference attendance; and participation in year-round programming in the humanities that offers fresh perspectives on a wide range of contemporary and historical themes.  

While working toward completing your Associate in Arts degree at MDC, our “bridge advisors” will support your transition to FIU. Learn about academic pathways, Connect4Success, and other programs. 

Explore Humanities Edge at MDC


Summer H.E.ART is your gateway to Florida International University  

During this week-long academic and career skills program you will meet faculty and students who share your passion for history, English, and art; sharpen your research and writing; craft your resume and perfect your interview skills; and explore FIU’s robust resources, from scholarships and academic advisement to the writing lab and museums. 

Completing your BA at FIU

Once your transition to FIU is complete, The Humanities Edge will help you attain a bachelor's degree in the humanities and gain the skills you will need to succeed in the twenty-first-century workforce. The Humanities Edge offers students the support of academic advisors, faculty, and writing mentors, and opportunities for paid internships, research fellowships, and conference attendance and travel. Lectures on contemporary and historical subjects, Humanities at Work panels, and conversations with prominent people who studied the humanities are offered throughout the year.

Explore Humanities Edge at FIU

MDC and FIU Career Support 

As MDC and FIU alumni, you will receive career support and services as you continue your journey to a fulfilling career. Remember our motto is “Study what you love, gain the skills you need to succeed!”