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Study what you love, gain the skills you need to succeed

The Humanities Edge is an academic and career development program for MDC-to-FIU transfer students majoring in the humanities. This pathway partnership between Miami Dade College and Florida International University creates a rich academic experience to help students maintain an interest in the humanities while supporting their transition to university. The centerpiece of the program is a week-long summer research and writing program designed for 60 transfer students majoring in history, English and art.

Thanks to generous assistance from The Andrew W. Mellon foundation, The Humanities Edge supports approximately 5,000 MDC and FIU students studying in all the humanities disciplines (including philosophy, gender and ethnic studies, modern languages and classical studies). We aim to show that the study of the humanities can provide the key to an interesting and rewarding life and career. Throughout the year, we will be offering special lectures, Humanities at Work panels, and conversations with prominent people who studied the humanities.

We will be helping professors streamline the curriculum between the two institutions and assisting students and faculty in their research. All while reinforcing the importance of the humanities to a democratic society.

What is The Humanities Edge?

The humanities explore the ways that individuals and societies document the human experience. These academic disciplines also inform many fields beyond theoretical study. With a humanities program geared towards developing professional skills, you can leverage your degree in nearly any career, from small business owner to CEO. Want to major in humanities? Learn why you should join The Humanities Edge today.