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How to apply? 

  1. Review the internship descriptions below.
  2. Choose internships that suit your goals (yes, you should apply for more than one).
  3. Take note of the internship’s job code.( It is a six-digit number at the end of the description.)
  4. Visit the FIU Careers site.
  5. Choose “prospective employee.”
  6. Search for a job code or Humanities Edge.
  7. First time using the FIU HR portal? Register as a new user and be ready to upload your resume and cover letter.
  8. If you need help preparing your resume or cover letter, visit Career and Talent Development.

For internships and other opportunities outside of the Humanities Edge program, visit Handshake.

Summer 2022 Opportunities

  • Curatorial Internship at The Frost Art Museum

    Job Description: The Curatorial intern at the Frost Art Museum-FIU will build their skills as aspiring arts professionals through honing their research and writing skills while receiving exposure to a wide variety of museum operations and practices. The museum studies intern will:

    • Conduct high level research for forthcoming exhibitions of historic and contemporary art
    • Be mentored by the museum’s curator and registrars  
    • Learn the basics of writing labels for museums
    • Assist with digital programming related to collections and exhibitions

    Job Code: 526324

  • Museum Studies Intern at the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU

    Job Description: The Museum Studies Intern will be exposed to a variety of museum projects and careers and will gain an understanding of all aspects of the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU. Over the course of the internship, the intern will rotate across the museum’s Education, Public Programs, Curatorial, Collections, Marketing, and Membership departments. This position is ideal for a proactive student interested in getting to know the ins and outs of a museum.

    Job Code: 526325

  • Library Intern at The Wolfsonian-FIU

    Job Description: The intern will receive training and practical experience in caring for, documenting, and preserving rare books and ephemera and become familiar with best practices in evaluating primary resource materials such as books, photographs, illustrations, and other visual materials.

    The library intern will:

    · Gain key experience in library science and collection management.

    · Become familiar with The Wolfsonian’s holdings of over 125,000 volumes, archives, and ephemera.

    · Receive training in handling, assessing, and making protective enclosures for fragile items.

    · Have access to Wolfsonian student enrichment activities such as department talks, a resume/cover letter writing workshop, and beyond.

    Job Code:526329

  • Museum Registration Intern at The Wolfsonian-FIU

    Job Description: Working with The FIU Wolfsonian museum’s registration department—a core team entrusted with safeguarding the institution’s collection, which ranges from paintings and sculpture to furniture and works on paper—the intern will assist staff with object inventory, cataloging, tracking, housing, handling, and packing, learning policies and procedures related to the care, preservation, and documentation of the museum’s diverse holdings.

    The registration intern will:

    · Gain an overall understanding of the day-to-day responsibilities of a museum registrar.

    · Become familiar with a wide range of historic material and care considerations.

    · Receive hands-on experience with assessing, moving, and securing fragile and rare collection items.

    · Have access to Wolfsonian student enrichment activities such as department talks, a resume/cover letter writing workshop, and beyond.

    Job Code: 526327

  • Digital Collections Center Internship at The FIU Library

    Job Description: The Digital Collections Center Internship will acquire hands-on experience in digital collections workflows, standards, and technologies and will Apply training to scanning; the creation and quality assurance of metadata; use of digital library system software for online dissemination; and digital preservation of born digital and digitized materials. Interns will work closely with Digital Collections Center faculty and staff on current departmental projects to digitize and preserve content. Projects may also require research and project documentation.

    Job Code: 526330

  • Educational Intern at the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) 

    Job Description: The Education Intern will work collaboratively within the Education Department to promote the museum’s K-12 and digital education initiatives while performing project-based tasks and participating in daily business operations. The goal of the program is to introduce bright talents to multiple career paths within the non-profit cultural world. The Education Intern will be introduced to distinct roles within the department and be invited to contribute within all administrative aspects of the department as a team member. There is no direct course of study for the ideal candidate, but the applicants should have passion for technology, art, education, community work, the non-profit world, and arts administration. This is an opportunity to learn how non-profit organizations work to serve their community through their mission and vision.

    Job code: 526330

  • Student Intern for The Center for the Humanities in an Urban Environment (CHUE)

    Job Description: The intern will work on digital production and digital archive initiatives taking place in FIU’s Center for Humanities in an Urban Environment (CHUE). 

    Responsibilities include but are not limited to collaborating on a digital production project related to CHUE’s existing archive of arts and humanities programs and working on expanding the archive by engaging with existing digital materials not yet prepared for archiving. The intern will contribute to the expansion of CHUE’s digital footprint while gaining valuable hands-on experience working on digital production and archiving. The intern will acquire skills in production and post-production, metadata creation, editing, and more.

    Job Code:526332

  • Editorial Internship for the Humanities Edge.

    Job Description: The editorial intern will help launch the inaugural issue of FIU’s first interdisciplinary undergraduate student journal. The intern will work closely with the journal’s steering committee and FIU’s units, such as the library digital repository, as well as student editors and faculty reviewers.

    Job Duties:

    · Complete a series of training from faculty members and librarians in May.

    · Participate in biweekly board meetings on Zoom from May to July.

    · Manage all the student submissions through pre-check.

    · Mentor student editors to proceed with the submissions.

    · Review submissions to see if they are appropriate for disciplinary review by mid-June.

    · Arrange for faculty to conduct a disciplinary review by mid-July.

    · Facilitate selecting a self-designed or self-taken image from student submissions for the volume's cover before Fall semester 2022.

    · Work with the librarians and help build an online submission platform when time allows.

    Job Code: 526333