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How to apply for paid internships

When searching for a Humanities Edge internship, please visit: the FIU Careers site and enter the portal as a prospective employee. Once you click on the prospective employee portal you will be able to locate and apply to our internships via the job codes provided below.

If this is your first time using the FIU HR portal, please register as a new user and be ready to upload your resume and cover letter.

For further opportunities outside of the Humanities Edge, we encourage students to visit Handshake.

  • Curatorial Intern at the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)

    Job Summary:  The Curatorial Intern assists PAMM’s curatorial team with research and development of current and upcoming exhibitions, publications, curatorial presentations, and general departmental functions. The Curatorial Intern works collaboratively across the department and is an integral part of the curatorial team at PAMM. Duties will include compiling information about artists, preparing digital materials and presentations, composing interpretive texts, gathering support materials, creating mockups of artworks, and various administrative tasks. This curatorial internship offers an opportunity to conduct research related to artworks and artists featured at PAMM. The intern may on occasion be asked to work collaboratively on tasks and projects for the Museum’s registration and education departments.

    Job Code: 524725

  • Graphic Design Intern at the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)

    Job Summary The Graphic Design Intern at PAMM will have the opportunity to use their creative skills to design engaging graphics and dynamic content for a nationally ranked museum. The Graphic Design Intern will work on projects such as designing fliers, posters, photographs, motion graphics, videos, website content, newsletter templates, infographics, and banner ads. The intern might also be asked to contribute to other marketing and outreach efforts as necessary.

    Job Code: 524729

  • Archives Intern at Stonewall National Museum & Archives

    Job Summary: The Archives Intern will experience hands-on training and conduct tasks pertaining to the daily management of the SNMA LGBTQ Library and Archive.  Tasks will involve processing new files, creating and editing records on PastPerfect (archive) and Koha (library) databases, and training in conservation and collection methods and other archival practices. 

    Job Code: 524730

  • Marketing Intern at the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU

    Job Description: The Marketing Intern will work with the Marketing Department to support JMOF’s communications and social media including preparations for exhibition openings and events.  Responsibilities will include data entry and recordkeeping; assisting with social media posts; and researching and collecting information for the JMOF-FIU communications. The intern will participate in daily operations including general office duties.

    Job Code: 524731

  • Education & Outreach Intern at the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU

    Job Description: The Education & Outreach Intern will work with the Education and Outreach staff to gain an understanding of all aspects of the JMOF-FIU’s education offerings and public engagement—from leading group tours and producing interpretive materials, to assisting with K-12 programming and engaging FIU faculty and students. The intern will participate in daily operations including general office duties.

    Job Code: 524732

  • Collections and Exhibitions Intern at The Bass Museum

    Job Description: The Collections and Exhibitions Intern will have a hands-on learning and training experience and participate in the daily management of the museum’s collections, on/offsite storage vaults, and loans on exhibition, under the supervision of the Registrar of Collections & Exhibitions. The intern will learn and gain skills in proper art handling, care/maintenance of exhibits, preservation techniques, collections storage organization and management, environmental monitoring, cataloging and condition reporting, inventory, data entry, and file management, accessioning of new acquisitions and deaccessioning from the permanent with documentation. 

    Job Code: 524733

  • Gallery Intern at Dot FiftyOne Gallery

    Job Description: Gallery Intern will conduct research, provide administrative support, participate in organizing gallery exhibitions, assist with shipping and logistics, and help with day-to-day gallery management as needed under the supervision of the Gallery director.  The intern will also contribute to workshops, lectures, and other aspects of the gallery’s programming. 

    Job Code: 524734

  • Program Intern at Culture Shock Miami

    Job Description: The Program Intern will work with Culture Shock Miami staff to support overall program development and execution, including marketing and social media efforts. Tasks may include assisting with event setup on website and ticketing system; compiling and distributing ticket reports and lists to stakeholders daily; conduct market research; manage inventory of promotional items; and support overall marketing efforts as needed

    Job Code: 524735

  • Multimedia Intern at The Wolfsonian- FIU

    Job Description: The Multimedia Intern at The Wolfsonian-FIU will build their skills as an aspiring photographer, videographer, and visual storytellers. The Multimedia Intern will gain experience in documenting events, collections, and the visitor journey; learn how to capture the character and special qualities of each museum through image and video; hone storyboarding and scriptwriting skills for multimedia-based institutional projects; and amass a broad portfolio of work samples. 

    Job Code:524736

  • Museum Registration Intern at The Wolfsonian-FIU

    Job Description: The Museum Registration Intern will learn object inventory, cataloging, tracking, housing, handling, and packing skills; gain an overall understanding of policies and procedures related to the care, preservation, and documentation of the museum’s diverse object collection. In addition, the intern will participate in the day-to-day responsibilities of the museum’s registration department.

    Job Code: 524737

  • Curatorial Intern at The Wolfsonian-FIU.

    Job Description: The Curatorial Museum Intern will Instruct students in all aspects of curatorial work—from preparing exhibitions to conducting research on The Wolfsonian’s vast art collection and library holdings—this position will increase awareness of museum practices, fosters analytical and close-looking skills, and enhances appreciation of material culture studies.

    Job Code: 524738
  • Library Intern at The Wolfsonian-FIU

    Job Description: The Library Intern will receive training and practical experience in caring for, documenting, and preserving rare books and ephemera and become familiar with best practices in evaluating primary resource materials such as books, photographs, illustrations, and other visual materials.

    Job Code: 524739

  • Third Horizon Student Film Internship

    Job Description: The Third Horizon Production Intern will work closely with the producers of Third Horizon’s next narrative film, “Mountains” to be filmed in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami this fall.

    Job Code:524740

  • Learning Program Intern at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

    Job Description: Learning Program Intern will conduct tours and facilitate a variety of programs for school and community audiences onsite under the supervision of the Adult Learning and Engagement Manager. The intern will gain insights about museum and art interpretation, educaitonal programming, and audience development and engagement.

    Job Code: 524741

  • The Museum of Graffiti Marketing Intern

    Job Description: The Marketing Intern will be responsible for working alongside the curatorial team to conduct research for various art programs and think of ways to market those programs to assist the Museum in communicating the educational importance of its work to the public. Interns will conduct pre-interviews with artists and collect digital artifacts and materials for Museum of Graffiti’s Art Talk program. Interns will list upcoming programs on partners’ websites to achieve maximum exposure for the Museum.

    Job Code: 524742

  • FIU Library Digital Collections Center Internship

    Job Description: The Digital Collections Center Internship will acquire hands-on experience in digital collections workflows, standards, and technologies and will Apply training to scanning; the creation and quality assurance of metadata; use of digital library system software for online dissemination; and digital preservation of born digital and digitized materials. Interns will work closely with Digital Collections Center faculty and staff on current departmental projects to digitize and preserve content.

    Job Code:524743

  • The Collections and Exhibitions Internship at Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

    Job Description: The Collections and Exhibitions (MOCA) intern will assist with Exhibition projects support, copywriting and editing, research, and documentation of the MOCA collection, assist with logistics and records for collection loans and website content development.

    Job Code: 524785

  • Studio Intern at Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

    Job Description: The Studio Intern at (MOCA) will Assist in the education department in data collection, overseeing key programs, and maintaining education records and reports. Prepare studio areas and materials prior to afterschool programs. Maintain inventory on all studio materials and assist in reordering and restocking.

    Job Code: 524787

  • Library Catalog Intern at Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

    Job Description: Library Catalog Intern at (MOCA) will assist the Operations Department in creating a comprehensive digital database of MOCA’s library of exhibition catalogs and art books. This is an exciting opportunity to learn valuable office skills at a rapidly growing contemporary art museum.

    Job Code: 524788