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Paid Fellowships

Have you thought about working directly with a faculty member on a research project?  

The Humanities Edge offers students paid research fellowship opportunities  to gain valuable experience and skills exploring theoretical approaches, investigating primary resource materials, using digital tools, and honing critical thinking skills. 

Humanities Edge Fellowships are open to students majoring in humanities fields such as art, art history, English, history, philosophy, and religious studies. 

Spring 2022 Fellowships will begin in January 2022. Fellows will work 20 hours a week at a rate of $16 an hour. Payments will be made through monthly stipends and are contingent on your preparing a short report on the experience. Please note: If you are receiving Federal Financial Aid, which includes scholarships, grants, or loans, your award may be affected. 

Spring 2022 Digital Fellowships 

Application deadline: December 17th, 2021

Acceptance notification by: December 22nd, 2021

  • The Humanities Edge Fellow

    This one-semester fellowship (Spring 2022) is part of the Humanities Edge program at Florida International University.

    The Humanities Edge fellow will work collaboratively with the Humanities Edge program and Digital Collections Center in the FIU Libraries. Fellowship duties include, but are not limited to, the identification, organization, curation, and documentation of born-digital program-related materials for ingest into a digital archive showcasing Humanities Edge program activities and outcomes. Fieldwork goals for this fellowship will include: (1) Acquiring hands-on experience in digital collections workflows, standards, and technologies. (2) the creation and quality assurance of metadata; use of digital library system software for online dissemination; and digital preservation of born-digital and digitized materials. This Project may also require research and project documentation.

    Apply to the Humanities Edge Fellow position

  • Digital Production and Archive Fellow, Center for Humanities in an Urban Environment (CHUE)

    The fellow will work on both digital production and digital archive initiatives as a part ongoing project taking place in FIU’s Center for Humanities in an Urban Environment (CHUE).

    Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • collaborating on a digital production project related to CHUE’s existing archive of arts and humanities programs and
    • working on expanding the archive by engaging with existing digital materials not yet prepared for archiving

    The fellow will contribute to the expansion of CHUE’s digital footprint while gaining valuable hands-on experience working on digital production and archiving. The fellow will acquire skills in production and postproduction, metadata, editing, and more.

    Apply to the Digital Production and Archive Fellow, Center for Humanities in an Urban Environment (CHUE) position

  • Oral History Intern, Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab, FIU

    The oral history fellow will work on the collection and digital storage of oral histories related to WPHL’s newest project “Beyond Casta: Race and Belonging in Latin America and the Caribbean.” Working alongside WPHL and other FIU staff, the fellow will complete five oral histories interviews over the course of the semester. They will learn unique skills related to equipment used to record oral histories, trauma-informed interviewing, audiovisual editing, metadata creation, and ingest of objects into a digital assets management system. Fellows with fluency in Spanish, Haitian Creole, and/or Portuguese preferred. The fellow will be supervised by Katie Coldiron, Digital Archivist at WPHL.

    Apply to the Oral History Intern, Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab, FIU position

Spring 2022 Research Fellowships 

The deadline for Spring 2022 Research Fellowships has passed. 

  • Conversations between Writing Centers in Latin America & the United States

    Glenn Hutchinson, Associate Professor, English / Center for Excellence in Writing

    Are you interested in a scholarship that raises questions and challenges the effects of coloniality on language? Professor Hutchinson seeks an undergraduate research fellow with a passion for language and writing to participate in the Virtual Writing Workshop Initiative with the goal of producing a bilingual volume of articles from writing center directors and tutors from Latin America and the U.S. to work toward further internationalizing the field of writing centers.  

    The undergraduate research fellow will:  

    • Conduct interviews with writing tutors at FIU and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá,
    • Colombia about their experiences collaborating on virtual workshops open to both campuses.  
    • Hone research skills  
    • Deepen knowledge through the review of current scholarship about decoloniality and literacy 
    • Contribute to an annotated bibliography of sources from scholars in Latin America and the U.S. about decoloniality and literacy, particularly those articles with a writing center focus.  

    Apply for an Undergraduate Research Fellowship
  • National Park Service Historic Context Study: Violence against People of African Descent

    Dr. Daniel Royles, Assistant Professor, History 

    Are you interested in scholarship about people of African descent that affects social change? Assist in a comprehensive study of violence against people of African descent in the United States and its territories from 1500 to the present day with the goal of encouraging new interpretations of such history and of helping officials evaluate historic sites for future designation as historically significant.   

    The undergraduate research fellow will:  

    • Hone research skills  
    • Deepen knowledge by investigating primary and secondary sources for the study, including research in the Journal of Negro History, in historical Black newspapers, and through online archives.  
    • Learn digital skills to create and clean datasets documenting sites and events associated with the history of violence against people of African descent. 

    Apply for an Undergraduate Research Fellowship
  • Translating Haitian History, Translating Human Experiences

    Dr. Chantalle Verna, Associate Professor, History

    Are you interested in scholarship that deepens understanding of Black self-determination?  This research and writing project will lead to a translation and scholarly edition of Le Fondateur Devant l’Histoire (Eben-Ezer Press, 1954), a celebratory biography of Jean-Jacques Dessalines (1758-1806), Haiti’s first head of state. Dessalines embodied radical Black self-determination and the condemnation of anti-Black violence, two topics of tremendous importance to popular and academic audiences.  

    The undergraduate research fellow will:  

    • Hone research skills 
    • Deepen knowledge by investigating library and archival resources 
    • Learn skills to participate in an oral history project 
    • Contribute to an annotated bibliography. 

    Apply for an Undergraduate Research Fellowship 
  • Places Lost and Found: 1950s Havana as a Case Study in Experiential History

    Dr. Lindsey B. Maxwell, Assistant Teaching Professor, History  

    Are you interested in a scholarship that explores new ways of knowing through cutting-edge technology? “Places Lost and Found: 1950s Havana” is a digital humanities project that uses the latest in web-based Virtual Reality (VR) technology to reconstruct the Cuban capital’s Malecón esplanade as a three-dimensional venue for virtual visitors to engage in historical conversation. In what ways can experiential history in social-virtual environments enhance learning about places in the past that have become inaccessible?  

    The undergraduate research fellow will: 

    • Locate and digitize visual source material  
    • Conduct research using FIU’s scholarly resources 
    • Explore and learn cutting-edge digital technologies  
    • Digitally construct a single immersive experience of 1950s Havana  

    Apply for an Undergraduate Research Fellowship